Created with the surfer in mind

A steady surfing practice helps to improve physical strength and elevate the inner balance.

… I believe it can even expand one’s mind.

Society in transformation

The 70’s was the romantic decade for surfing. It was an era of discoveries, of trial and errors, an era when experiments were the norm for avant-garde thinking. An era of free and easy spirit,  …and in my opinion, design-wise very inspiring as well. …surfing at its best.

RDOsurf nurtures that vision, inspiration and, all around love for the practice, the crafts, the style, and the history of the surfing culture.


… Modernism et al.

Classic and functional styles

Our surf trunks are handcrafted in New York, from high-performance fabrics made in the USA.

Sun protection and DWR (durable water-repellent) are one of the cool features. These trunks literally feel weightless when wet. Our t-shirts are super soft, made from sustainable organic viscose bamboo and organic cotton, manufactured in a small family-owned factory in China. They are carbon-free and Organic Trade certified. We design and hand screen prints in New York, using natural dyes and minimal runoff.

The ultimate goal is to bring you a cool, clean, and well crafted product. I hope you like it.

Enjoy nature, …and Saravá!



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